First Name Last NameInstrumentsState/ProvinceCountry
Irina Yaroshenko Violin, viola, cello Ukraine
Lee Nah Yeo Acoustic Guitars Singapore
Rachel Lindsay Steel string guitars, Electric guitars VA United States
Melenahe Martin Violin, viola, and cello restoration. Maryland USA
Biljana Popovic Violin Belgrade Serbia
Romy Rode Violin, Viola, Cello and historical string instrumentes Saxony Germany
Sienna George I work on double bass, cello, violin, viola, electric guitar and bass, ukulele NY United States
Cassie Roswood Violins, Violas, Mandolins/mandolin family, Guitars (electric versions of listed instruments as well) Michigan USA
Rachel Spitz-Becker Violin, viola, cello NJ USA
Robyn Sullivan Violin, Viola, Cello Maryland USA